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The Story

It was serendipity that brought Emmy Award winning sports commentator Jim Nantz and wine industry entrepreneur Peter Deutsch together at a restaurant in Greenwich, Connecticut where they were each having dinner with friends. Peter had recently read Jim’s book about his father, Always By My Side, and it resonated with him, reminding him of his own relationship with his father. Peter introduced himself that evening.

Jim was at the restaurant having dinner with a friend who had contacts in the wine industry and was working on an idea that had been in development for years. Jim had long held a passion for wine and was exploring how to take the next step in becoming involved in the wine business when Peter stopped by the table. As fate would have it, that chance meeting would spawn a friendship and partnership, the Deutsch Nantz Alliance (DNA).

Theirs has been a hands-on collaboration. Jim and Peter traveled together to California and worked closely with renowned winemakers Dan Goldfield, Wayne Donaldson, and James MacPhail on every step of the winemaking process, from vineyard to bottle. They also poured themselves into the packaging process, working to capture the essence of the brand in the label design. For Jim and Peter, The Calling is about pursuing a passion, inspiring others, and making a great wine.

WATCH Jim Nantz and Peter Deutsch talk about The Calling

Jim Nantz

As an Emmy Award winning commentator and a five-time National Sportscaster of the Year, Jim has been calling everything from the Masters Tournament, to the Final Four, to the Super Bowl, since joining the CBS Television Network in 1985.

He is the youngest broadcaster ever recognized by both the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In 2008, he co-authored the New York Times bestseller Always By My Side. The book chronicled his father’s long struggles with Alzheimers disease. On January 19th, 2011, as a response to the enormous following of the book and as a tribute to his dad, Jim opened the Nantz National Alzheimer Center (NNAC) with The Methodist Hospital in Houston. The NNAC is a cutting-edge, world-renowned research and treatment center that hopes to one day find a cure.

Now Jim is following another "calling." For years he had been fine-tuning a concept to create a wine brand that would pride itself on its high quality and great value. He had searched for a business partner who shared his vision and passion and found that person in Peter. He is thrilled to be building something special with Peter while at the same time finding a way to advance the NNAC through another platform.

Peter Deutsch

Peter has more than 27 years of leadership experience building brands and directing corporate strategy for W. J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd, a leading wine & spirits company in the US. An accomplished marketer, Peter’s vision has driven growth not only for his company, but in the wine industry as a whole. Offering a rare blend of creative and operational strengths, Peter built Georges Duboeuf into the #1 French brand in the US and successfully established [ yellow tail ] as the #1 Imported brand in the US.

Founded in 1981 by his father Bill Deutsch, Peter joined the family wine company in 1985. Over the years, Peter held various positions in sales and senior management before eventually being appointed CEO in 2007. Since then, he has spearheaded the company’s exponential growth. In 2012, the Deutsches announced that they were changing their company name to "Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits" to reflect their guiding principles and their family-to-family approach to business.

In conjunction with this change, Peter wanted to honor his father by creating a wine bearing the Deutsch family name, as a tribute to all the impact his father has had on his life. Peter found a great partner in Jim, who also wanted to create a wine in honor of his dad. They immediately connected in this new "calling," and the result is a beautifully handcrafted wine of which their fathers would be proud.