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The Calling sources fruit from the finest vineyards in Sonoma County appellations best-suited to their respective varieties. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are sourced from the Russian River Valley and Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley. The wines reflect the quality and character of these vineyards, exhibiting elegance and complexity from the first aroma to the lingering finish.


We source from several locations throughout the Russian River Valley, each vineyard site contributing critical, unique aspects to the complexity of the resulting wine. Vineyards located in the warmer end of the Russian River Valley contribute ripe fruit elements. Vineyards from the cooler areas lend a strong minerality and structural backbone, and vines at altitude with sandy, well-drained soil add complexity and structure.  View wine >


This world famous area is surrounded by hills that block the coastal fog that covers much of Sonoma County on summer mornings, keeping the region warm. However, gentle coastal breezes manage to find their way between the hillsides to cool the region in the evening. This climate, combined with well-drained, gravelly soils, produce some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon grapes available in California. View wine >


Dutton Ranch is composed of 1,100 acres of premium Sonoma County appellation vineyards. Fruit for this vintage was sourced from three locations within Dutton Ranch’s Russian River Valley appellation, each vineyard contributing critical, unique aspects of the complexity of the resulting wine. Gail Ann Vineyard, located in the warmer end of the Russian River Valley, contributes ripe tropical elements to the 2010 vintage. The Mill Station Vineyard is one of the coolest spots in Russian River and lends a strong minerality and structural backbone. Dutton Hill is a rolling hill in another cool region of the valley with sandy, well-drained soil for additional complexity and structure. View wine >


The Jewell Vineyard is located on Dutton Ranch in the exceptionally cool Green Valley sub-appellation of Russian River. Originally planted in 1986, this 7-acre vineyard sits adjacent to an organic heirloom apple orchard. Chardonnay Clone 108 is grown here on fine, sandy loam soil upon rolling hills near the West Sonoma County community of Graton. View wine >


Fox Den Vineyards sits on the Western boundary of the Green Valley AVA in the Russian River Valley near the town of Occidental. The micro climate, 12 miles from the coast, has moderate daytime temperatures, cool nights, and early morning fog, resulting in a very long growing season and ideal conditions for Pinot. These unique conditions give the grapes the right balance and ripeness with good sugar levels, ripe tannins and high acid. The result is very dense and complex Pinot Noir. View wine >


Dutton Ranch's Sullivan Vineyard is located on a gentle north-facing slope at a 200 foot elevation in the Green Valley sub-AVA of the Russian River Valley. With 30+ year old plantings of Wente selection Chardonnay growing in Goldridge soil, Sullivan Vineyard offers a rich and luscious wine that belies the crisp acidity present. View wine >


Planted in 1999, the Sunny View Vineyard is on the Santa Rosa plain in the center of the Russian River Valley AVA. Despite its name, it is a low lying site that is shrouded in fog overnight and through the morning during the growing season. The result of this very cool site is a delicately balanced Pinot Noir, which achieves depth and concentration in ripeness while retaining acidity and verve. View wine >


Putnam Vineyard, where we source the grapes for our Patriarch Pinot Noir, is on the extreme Sonoma Coast just 6 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The vines are surrounded by Redwoods on all sides and in many areas within the vineyard. The coastal climate and the Goldridge sandy loam soils result in wines with plenty of richness along with some high-toned finesse. View wine >


Moon Mountain is a unique appellation located on the southern end of the Mayacamas Range overlooking Sonoma Valley. The vineyards range in altitude from 400 to over 2,000 feet, characterized by ancient volcanic soils and lava flows. The district basks in the warmth of the day, with cooling breezes rolling in from the Pacific Ocean during the afternoon.View wine >


Searby Vineyard is located in the exceptionally cool Green Valley sub-AVA of the Russian River Valley. Planted in 1972 on a gentle west-facing slope, this ten-acre vineyard is known for its dry-farmed, sandy loam soils and the cool maritime influence of the Pacific.