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Experience the spirit of Sonoma

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Charles Heintz Vineyard
Charles Heintz Vineyard

Bring only the best to your table

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Award winning wines crafted in the heart of Sonoma

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Terra de Promissio Vineyard
Terra de Promissio Vineyard

The culmination of vision, dedication, and heritage

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James MacPhail, The Calling's Winemaker, tests his latest vintage around casks of wine - The Calling

The cool fog rolling into the Russian River Valley. The salty ocean breeze washing over the Sonoma Coast. The rugged hills cradling Alexander Valley. From soil to glass, our wines could only come from one place.

Experience the spirit of Sonoma.

Bottle of one of The Calling's Chardonnays displayed on table, with crackers and cheese on its right and glass of wine on its left

Fruits of Our Labor

We celebrate the land by working with those who know it best. Partnering exclusively with family growers, our selected vineyards are nurtured by those with generations of knowledge, dedication, and passion.

Setting sun illuminates the dust in the air at a vineyard.

The Calling to Create

We are vintners, winemakers, founders, and families, dedicated to the land and our craft. Discover what drives and defines us.

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Pinot Noir from The Calling resting in box.

Bring Sonoma Home

When we release our wines, naturally the first people we think to share them with are our friends, family, and fellow wine lovers. We love that the passion and respect for Sonoma wines brings all of these people together.

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