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Our Story

This is the story of finding a calling: for a place, a craft, and a vision. Built on an enduring partnership between our growers, our winemaker, and our founders.

Rows of grapes growing beside a mountain with a forest on it.

Our passion for Sonoma and the family growers at its heart are what drives us. Our dedication to the craft of winemaking defines us. The joy that results as our wine is shared among friends, enjoyed over a festive meal, or toasted to celebrate those we love is what keeps us going.

Aerial shot showing the greenery and beauty of Sonoma County.

Jim Nantz & Peter Deutsch

With a shared calling to bring the best of Sonoma to the world, our founders set our course and guide the choices we make. Jim and Peter bring a wealth of knowledge, passion, and expertise from decades of professional success to The Calling each and every day.

Meet Our Founders
Jim Nantz & Peter Deutsch sitting in chairs and smiling at camera

James MacPhail

The Calling wines are a culmination of James’ vision, dedication, and Sonoma heritage, bringing the natural beauty of our region into brilliant life. One of California’s foremost winemakers, James’ incredible talent and dedication to perfecting his craft has enabled him to produce wines of wide spread acclaim for more than two decades, including over 100 wines with 90+ point scores from the nation’s top wine critics.

Meet Our Winemaker
James MacPhail standing in vineyard and holding a glass of red wine

Rooted in Sonoma

Our grower partners bring lifetimes of knowledge to their craft, and the vineyards we seek out are exemplars of their regions and varietals. Their stories are our story.

Explore the Vineyards
Picture of building surrounded by growing grapes in a vineyard

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Bring Sonoma Home

When we release our wines, naturally, the first people we think to share them with are our friends, family and fellow wine lovers. We love that the passion and respect for Sonoma wines brings all of these people together.

Join the Club
One of The Calling's Pinot Noirs resting in a box.