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Alexander Valley

Alexander Valley Vineyard at dawn
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The Alexander Valley is an incredibly diverse appellation and is Sonoma County’s largest and most fully-planted wine region. Stretching from the valley floor to the benchlands, surrounding the northern reaches of the Russian River, and extending up to the southwest-facing Mayacamas Mountains, its soils and climate are ideal for growing Bordeaux varietals – most notably Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Typically warmer than most areas of Sonoma County, the Alexander Valley AVA, established in 1847, is marked by the desirable ability to sufficiently ripen Bordeaux-style grapes in time for Sonoma County’s early fall harvest, lending a rich, fleshy, well-balanced character to many of the Sonoma County wines, with bright fruit and exceptional tannin structure.

Rows of grapes growing in Alexander Valley Vineyard, with two hot air balloons in the sky
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We source our grapes from warmer benchland vineyards on well-draining gravelly soils that possess an ideal calcium-magnesium ratio required for high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon. Gentle coastal breezes find their way along the hillsides to cool the region every evening, ensuring that grapes grown for our Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon ripen slowly and evenly, reaching ideal maturity, concentration, and complexity.

Grapes growing off vines, with lush greenery behind them.