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Fox Den Vineyard

Shot of trees and rows of grapes in Fox Den Vineyard
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Fox Den Vineyard is named for the family of foxes who resided on the property when the Smith family settled on their 14 acres along the western edge of the Russian River Valley in 1972. When the Smiths arrived, a family of foxes occupied the original barn on the property. The Smith family allowed the foxes to stay while they built their own home, and to this day the foxes remain, bringing their young out from the old barn every spring to play and explore the vineyard.

Fox Den Vineyards sits on the western boundary of the Green Valley AVA in the Russian River Valley near the town of Occidental. Its microclimate, 12 miles from the coast, offers moderate daytime temperatures, cool nights, and early morning fog, resulting in a very long growing season and ideal conditions for Pinot Noir. Our grapes achieve the right balance and maturity with optimal sugar levels, ripe tannins, and high acid, yielding a very dense, complex, and age-worthy wine.

Grapes growing in Fox Den Vineyard - The Calling Wine
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Three generations of the Smith family now participate in the care and management of the vineyard, producing exceptional Pinot Noir and continuing to be stewards of their sacred land.

Grape vine twisting around wire