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Monterey County

Overhead shot of grapes growing in Sonoma Coast Vineyard at dawn with fog.
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The warm sun, cool fog and complex soil composition of Monterey County make it both idyllic and ideal for growing quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The defining characteristic of these wines is balance, with flavor and structure that complement each other to make elegant wines. Though we remain primarily dedicated to crafting wines from Sonoma County, we were drawn 200 miles south by the opportunity to work with incredible growers and grapes of fantastic quality, as well as the chance to produce a Pinot Noir that complements our Sonoma County collection perfectly.

Grapes growing off vines, with lush greenery behind them.
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James MacPhail collaborates with some of the most highly-regarded family growers in Monterey County to obtain Pinot Noir grapes that enable him to produce wine that embodies the fertile seaside microclimate of the region. Seeking grapes primarily from the cooler northern area of the Monterey County AVA, James personally selects fruit from various vineyard locations – both cool, fog-covered valleys and higher-altitude, sun-drenched mountain vines – to craft Pinot Noir with bright red fruit, tart acidity, and a hint of salinity from neighboring Monterey Bay.

Rows of grapes growing beside a mountain with a forest on it.