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Library Wines

Many of our wines are known for their age-ability, gaining complexity for several years with elegance and ease. On occasion, we hold back small amounts of specific vintages to allow the wines to fully develop and evolve. These wines have been perfectly stored since bottling and are available in extremely limited quantities.

2011 Rio Lago Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Image

Rio Lago Vineyard in the Alexander Valley sits above the valley floor alongside nearly 700 feet of Russian River frontage. The Alexander Valley’s surrounding hillsides block the coastal fogs that cover much of Sonoma County on summer mornings, allowing this vineyard to keep a little warmer than some of the neighboring appellations. However, gentle coastal breezes manage to find their way between the hillsides to cool the region in the evening. This climate, combined with well-drained, gravelly soils help the region produce some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon varietal grapes available.

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